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Using the Website Session Statistics Report

The Website Session Statistics report is available to you in the Delacon Portal. It allows you to see how effectively your tracking/rolling numbers are being used.

The report is available for each tracking/rolling number and is viewed as an hourly break-down. It can help you determine if you require additional numbers, so that your call tracking data is optimised.

Why is optimising your call tracking data important?

The main benefit of a call tracking solution is the ability to track the phone calls your business receives from online and offline advertising campaigns, allowing you to better calculate your CPA and optimise your marketing budget.

While some callers may call directly from the specific ad, for online advertising many will click through to your website before making a call.

As our solution allows for different numbers to be displayed when two or more users arrive on your site at the same time, making sure you have the optimal amount of numbers is incredibly important.

If you have too few numbers, you risk not being able to track each user’s session accurately, robbing you of valuable data.

Having too many numbers may mean paying more money than needed for a call tracking solution.

How do I work out how many numbers my website needs?

During your application process, Delacon will work with you to make sure the correct amount of numbers is provisioned to you, based on your website activity. You can also use our Dynamic Numbers Calculator to help you.

However, once you are set up, the Website Session Statistics report is a great tool to use.

Generating the report

Step 1: Log in to the Delacon Portal

Step 2: Click on reporting menu and scroll down to Website Log Statistics.

Step 3: Select the company/number you want to run the report for

Step 4: Enter the average session duration for your website

Step 5: Enter the date range and click go

The report will now be generated.

Using the report:

The report has six columns :

  • Date/Hour – the date and hour of the activity
  • Maximum duration – indicates in minutes the maximum duration of a user session for that time period.
  • Minimum duration – indicates in minutes the minimum duration of a user session for that time period.
  • Average duration – indicates in minute the average time between sessions.
  • Number of sessions – the number of sessions for that time period.
  • Number of calls – the number of calls for that time period.

Analysing the Report

The report will analyse the data provided and display an estimate of how many numbers you need at the top of the report. Please keep in mind that this data is only relevant to the dates covered by the report – it is important that you generate estimates from data that is representative of the typical activity on your site.

The calculation is based on the average session duration and the number of simultaneous visitors to your site for a given period of time. Long sessions combined with a high number of visitors would mean that you require multiple tracking numbers to service your campaign requirements.

For example, imagine you have an average of 240 visitors each hour to the web pages on which you want to display a call tracking number, and each visitor stays on the site for ten minutes. Under this scenario our call tracking solution would require a minimum of 40 numbers that divert to one termination point. That’s 240 divided by 60 and multiplied by 10. By the same formula, if you have 2400 visitors per hour, but each session only lasts one minute, then you would still require 40 call tracking numbers.

If the maximum number of visitors you get is much higher than the average number, you may wish to order a larger quantity of call tracking numbers to guarantee accurate tracking results.

Ordering new tracking numbers is as easy as logging into your Delacon account and selecting the “campaign directory” on the top menu bar then selecting the “order numbers” drop-down. Once here you can simply “Add or Select a CID”.

If you would like more information about the website session statistics report, please do not hesitate to contact the dedicated call tracking experts at Delacon today via contact us.