Delacon’s Bulk SMS should be the next tool you add to your marketing toolbox. Here’s why.

Businesses are always looking for new and efficient ways to reach out and communicate with their customers to cultivate strong relationships that ultimately lead to conversions. From email marketing to social media content to SMS marketing, the channels we can reach customers today are endless.

However, not every channel is equally as valuable and suited for your business. Coupled with that, some are more saturated than others. For example, it’s estimated that only 39% of marketers overall use text messaging; this is even though 48.7 million customers opted into business messages in 2020, with that number only expected to grow. 

At Delacon, we’ve developed a new feature called bulk SMS to allow our clients to capitalize on this upward trend so that you can reach your customers more efficiently and generate more sales. Please read on to learn more about Delacon’s Bulk SMS feature and how you can incorporate it into your SMS marketing toolbox.

What is Delacon’s Bulk SMS for SMS marketing?

As an SMS marketing tool, bulk SMS is a very effective way to build and maintain a long-term and direct relationship with your customers. Currently available to Australian mobile services only, our latest feature bulk SMS allows you to send SMS campaigns in bulk to your customers directly from our portal. 

On top of this, our SMS feature is incredibly simple and convenient. All you need to do is upload a CSV file onto Delacon’s portal with your customers’ mobile numbers and the messages you want to send to each respective customer. Then, customers will have the option to respond to the SMS messages, which will be converted to an email and sent to the email address you specified in the portal. 

Why is bulk SMS an important SMS marketing tool?

Nowadays, customers and clients don’t always have the flexibility or desire to speak over the phone, so using bulk SMS as an SMS marketing tool can help solve the problem. With SMS marketing, not only are you able to reach potential customers on a handy medium that they’re likely already checking, but you’re also able to reach them and allow them to access your message at a time that suits them (unlike a call, for example). 

According to Omnisend’s report on SMS marketing, SMS messages have a 98% open rate. Compared to email marketing, which only has an 18% open rate for eCommerce companies, bulk SMS messages are more likely to be opened and read. 

Additionally, about one-third of SMS recipients react to call-to-actions in the messages, and almost half of the SMS recipients end up with a purchase. With that, you can expect around a 13% conversion rate with SMS marketing.

How can bulk SMS and SMS marketing benefit you and your customers?

The fundamental aim of marketing is to help a company increase its sales and revenue. While this is commonly known, oftentimes, we can get caught up in the tactics and lose sight of the bigger objective. 

Now, our team at Delacon is reiterating this because if you think about it, a marketer and a salesperson’s aim is fundamentally the same. And just like how you would expect a salesperson to build rapport with their customers, get to know them and understand how to communicate to them – that should also be the expectation for marketers. So marketers, just like their fellow colleagues in the sales department, need to find the best communication channels and methods with potential and existing customers. 

With SMS marketing, you can increase the chances of building one-to-one communication with your customers and cultivate that personal relationship. As mentioned, SMS marketing has a much higher open and read rate than other communication methods, such as emails. 

Furthermore, understanding how the modern-day consumer prefers to consume digestible bites of content, our bulk SMS service only allows up to 160 characters. With this, you can expect that your customers will be more inclined to read your short, concise SMS messages instead of long emails. As such, SMS marketing can help you to continue your line of communication with your customers and ensure they stay engaged.

Delacon’s bulk SMS messaging service offers a convenient and affordable channel to reach your customers in Australia. 


While SMS marketing remains a relatively untapped marketing channel, existing marketers state that the top three reasons they use this marketing tactic are because there’s a large existing mobile audience, strong customer engagement and high open rates. With that, we hope that these benefits have convinced you to take up SMS marketing. 

Once you’re ready to use bulk SMS to communicate with your customers, Delacon will be ready to help you achieve your marketing objectives. 

For more detailed, step-by-step instructions, please read how you can send bulk SMS messages through our portal here

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