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Delacon’s Ring Group Functionality will transform your customers’ experiences. Here’s how

If your business is not considering an ever-evolving space of communication with existing and prospective customers, then you are probably behind in the league.

Today, every company invests in a website and social media presence. In addition to this, companies need to devise ways to be in touch with their customers to ensure connection on the go and elevate their reputation as an enterprise. A good strategy should include a device that enables your customers to reach out to you instantly. And what could be better than Delacon’s Ring Group?

While specific customer services must include a solid social media strategy, incorporating Ring Group is something that lets you connect to your customers instantly. A simple, strategic, and swift call is what seals the deal for you!

A study conducted by Microsoft concludes that 90% of respondents considered customer service to be a deciding factor for acquiring service and maintaining their loyalty to a brand.

Delacon brings to you an innovative mechanism called the Ring Group. It is a simple tool to help companies to empower customer experiences. Marketing managers and sales heads of companies are already impressed with Ring Group’s efficacy. It makes the entire task of getting in touch with service operators through phone calls – instant and hassle-free for customers.

What exactly is Delacon’s Ring Group?

When you integrate the Ring Group feature into your business operations, it ensures that all inbound calls are acknowledged by any operator available to assist the customer. In short, if one operator is engaged in another call, the customer’s call is automatically connected to the next operator with the relevant operational expertise. What else? It calls multiple numbers at once – thus automatically diverting a customer’s call to an available operator without the inconveniences of a queue.

How does Delacon’s Ring Group Functionality improve your business?

  • All calls answered: Ring Group is what you need to add to your existing system of customer service so that every customer phone call is answered instantly.
  • Minimize customer wait time: A 2021 Talkdesk Global Contact Center KPI Benchmarking Report shows that on average, 12% of customers abandon calls of most call centers. The primary reason for this is a longer wait time. With Delacon’s Ring Group, you can now minimize customer call wait time as the calls will ultimately land with an operator who is equipped and available.
  • Flexibility: Ring Group Functionality allows the incorporation of both mobile and landline numbers. This means that your operators have greater flexibility to attend to customers on calls.
  • Better distribution of calls: You can use this tool to attend to all incoming calls by diverting them accurately to the right teams. This will not only yield maximum customer satisfaction, but it will also ensure accurate work distribution, optimizing workforce functionality.


Among all the Key Performance Indicators that you have for your company, especially for your sales or customer service team, effective communication through phone calls is an important KPI. This can be measured by the number of calls answered by the customer service representatives, the time each representative spends on a call before hanging up or transferring it to another representative, and the call conversions to sales.

Delacon’s Ring Group makes it possible for you to stand out among your competitors by ensuring customers that their calls are attended to and queries are addressed – every single time. Integrating Ring Group into your customer service system is simple. You can follow the required steps by clicking here.

The Ring Group Functionality by Delacon is adding a new dimension to businesses. If you want to deliver the best assistance to your customers and save them the hassle of being in a queue on calls, then opt for the Ring Group today. Delacon is here to help you effectively communicate with your customers and materialize your organization’s marketing objectives. You can begin with browsing our setup guide here and integrate Ring Group by following these simple instructions.

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