The Advantages of Using Google Forwarding Numbers with Delacon’s Call Tracking Numbers

Google Forwarding Numbers (GFN) are special, unique phone numbers created by Google that are used in your ads to assist with call tracking to your business. When utilising call reporting, Google displays the unique number within your ad. When the user calls the phone number, the call is routed by Google Ads to your business phone number via the call or a message. Google Ads provides detailed reports about messages or calls from your ads.

What are the advantages of Delacon’s Call Tracking Numbers?

Although GFN provides you with data regarding call conversions against ads, no caller information is provided. Delacon’s IVR data, Speech Analytics, Data Matching and Insights Reports provide the ability to increase your marketing ROI accurately, yielding greater insights into the customer base and can allow for improvements to customer service.

The Delacon platform increases the accuracy of AdWords data through accurate call tracking and can combine the call records from both Delacon and Google, merging the two to provide more insightful data. 

Google Forwarding numbers are also free to use, and only one call extension number is needed for the Delacon platform. There is a simplified setup guide available, outlining how to add the Delacon call extension to your AdWords account with ease.

What are the differences between Delacon’s GFN offering and what Google can offer?

Using Google alone provides far fewer insights into data when compared to Delacon’s offering. Google is unable to provide call tracking via the desktop, reports a click as a call – even if a call has not occurred, and does not offer complex routing, such as time of day or Geo routing.

If you’re looking at integrating Google Forwarding Numbers into your ad campaign, Delacon is able to provide a more insightful offering than Google alone.

If you require any further assistance setting up Google Forwarding Numbers with Delacon’s Call Tracking Numbers, take a look at our support guide or visit our website and contact the team directly.

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