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Enhance your Business’ Customer Service with Delacon’s SMS Services

Customer service is the backbone of any business. Without proper customer service and positive outcomes for customers, your business could see negative impacts such as loss of business and less conversions. Delacon have taken the next step to enhance a customer’s experience through your business with our SMS services, to help increase conversions and improve customer service. Currently, Delacon’s SMS360 service comes with three main features, which we will explore below. 

SMS Post Call 

With SMS Post Call, calls from mobile phones will receive a customisable SMS immediately after the call ends, with text such as “Thanks for your call. Please feel free to reply via SMS if you have any further questions or wish to rate your experience, or visit and bookmark this <URL> for further information, special deals or bookings”. The caller can also reply via SMS, which your business will receive as an email. Responding via email will trigger your message to send back to the caller as an SMS, allowing for easy communication between your business and a potential customer.  

SMS Post Call also provides the ability to send an automatic SMS after a missed call, triggering an SMS message such as “Sorry we missed your call. If you would like a call back, please text us your mobile phone number and, optionally, any questions”. With calls using a GMB tracking number, SMS messages such as “Thanks for your call. Please like us on GMB <link>” can also be triggered to send to the caller. 

SMS Broadcast 

SMS Broadcast allows you to upload a CSV file with a list of mobile phone numbers and SMS messages, which the Delacon system can the automatically send. If the SMS requires a confirmation, the customer’s response via SMS will be sent as an email, and your email responses are returned as an SMS, as with SMS Post Call. 

SMS as First Point of Contact 

This option enables a customer to send an SMS as their first point of contact, which comes through to the business as an email. As mentioned in the first two options, you can then respond via email which will send as a text. 


Delacon is currently developing an API to integrate SMS with your existing systems, such as bookings, presuming you have developers. If this would be of interest to your business, please advise the Delacon team, as we need feedback from our customers to build the business case for SMS API development. 

At Delacon, our priority is providing outstanding services to ensure your business hits the mark with your customers. Delacon’s SMS Services allow a quick and easy method of conversing with customers and callers, providing them with exceptional customer service with a simple SMS message. 

Could your business benefit from Delacon’s SMS Services? Reach out to the friendly team for more information and how to integrate these services with your existing Delacon software. 

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