To more effectively determine the success of A/B split tested pages, it’s essential to include call data as well as click data.

Without the inclusion of call tracking data, you may not be accurately identifying the most successful landing page.

Analysing call tracking data together with online data, your user experience team will receive a more accurate measurement of the most effective landing page when testing two pages in an A/B environment.

In recent years Optimizely has made A/B split testing much easier. The brand was originally founded by two former Google employees who noted that optimisation was challenging for user experience teams.

Delacon has integrated our call tracking solution with Optimizely to make both software solutions even more powerful.

By integrating Delacon’s call tracking solution with Optimizely, you will be able to see the volume of calls that were delivered by each page variation. This data can be reviewed in Delacon’s Portal, Optimizely and in Google Analytics.

Watch Delacon’s integration with Optimizely in action

A/B Optimizely Test Results in Delacon’s reports

A/B Optimizely Test Results in Optimizely

A/B Optimizely Test Results in Google Analytics