September 2020

White Label Forgot Password Link

Improvements have been made to Delacon’s white label portal. Users can now add their email to the forget password configuration. Doing so means that when a client requests a new password a ‘Forgot Password’ email and link will appear to come from the user’s own email, even though it is being sent by Delacon’s system. See the White Label Forgot Password Link guide for more information about activating this feature.

Login Activity feature

Enhancements have been made to the Delacon portal and a new Login Activity feature has been released. This feature generates a report of all login activity, providing information for our customers to see who has accessed their account. The report can be filtered by Account Name, Machine IP, Date, Time, Activity Type and Status. For more information see the Login Activity Support Guide

February 2020

Delacon Reporting API

Additional enhancements have been made to the Delacon reporting API. There is now greater access to information about captured Google Ads details such as:

• Keyword-ID
• Ad-ID
• Adgroup-ID
• Campaign-ID
• Account-ID
• Account name

This feature is beneficial to any customer using the reporting API, who would like additional information about the Google Ads visit.

New Interpretation for UTM Medium

When a user lands on a website with query string parameters- if the Delacon system see a utm medium parameter defined, we will automatically define the source. The “type” column in your call log will show the value defined as utm_medium=.
This feature is useful in that the Delacon tracking code will define the source by tagging it explicitly and will be of benefit to customers who want more granularity on reporting based on standardised utm parameters.

Adobe EVar Enhancement

Enhancements to available EVars for Adobe Analytics, provides users with more thorough datasets and insights.

Update to Change Password Feature in the New Portal

Changing password to master ID (MID) can now be done in the new portal, rather than having to navigate to the old portal to make the change. This new feature was introduced for flexibility and ease of use. Passwords created must meet sufficient complexity criteria.

Upgrade to Cut-Key Selection
The cut key to drop the call or transfer to a survey could previously only be performed from (numerical values) 0-9. Our latest upgrade has enabled the star and hash keys to also be selected as cut-keys as long as call recording pause has not been selected. This function provides greater options for cut-keys to be used for clients who prefer numerical keys for internal transfers only.

Outbound Call Recording IVR 

Enhancements to outbound call recording have been implemented to store files in Google Cloud Storage. Previously, files were stored locally on Delacon’s infrastructure and then transferred on schedule. Files for outbound call recordings are now immediately available to be listened to. This feature is automatically available for all clients using outbound call recording.

January 2020

You can now add two additional parameters, which encourages you to add 3 new fields to CRM upload that are accessible to GA and DCM.

Previously, you could combine only:

  • Delacon campaign ID
  • Caller phone number
  • Date/time of the call
  • Sale value
  • Platform to upload the conversion to

Example: 123,+61412345678,20200616 09:22:00.000,100.00,GA

You can now add two new parameters:

  • Call ID
  • CRM variable

Example: With Call ID:

123,+61412345678,20200616 09:22:00.000,100.00,GA,CALL_ID

Example: With CRM variable without Call ID:

Adding 1 CRM variable:

123,+61412345678,20200616 09:22:00.000,100.00,GA,,crm1

Adding more CRM variables:

123,+61412345678,20200616 09:22:00.000,100.00,GA,,crm1,crm2,crm3

Example: With Call ID and CRM variables

Adding 1 CRM variable:

123,+61412345678,20200616 09:22:00.000,100.00,GA,CALL_ID,crm1

Adding more CRM variables:

123,+61412345678,20200616 09:22:00.000,100.00,GA,CALL_ID,crm1,crm2,crm3

These fields are optional; therefore, you can append empty, one, two or three CRM value/s by using the comma delimiter.

November 2019

Out of hours IVR

Delacon have expanded the capabilities of our IVR where an additional IVR can be played out of hours. This can be custom built for clients and allows greater scope for more specific call flows. This IVR is an entirely different IVR to the clients’ regular IVR that gets activated out of hours to enable a different call flow for those who need it.

Offline Call Transcription

Call transcription and related services are now enabled for clients who do not have call recording active with Delacon, but have their own call recordings. We are able to manually upload the recording files for use of Delacon’s Speech Analytics. Clients can experience the full spectrum of Speech Analytics features.

Minimal Spending Enforcer

Minimum spend monitoring- if a minimum spending amount is in place (in the clients’ contracts), this will now be enforced. Each billing cycle will automatically reflect the defined minimum spend if the minimum spend had not been met or exceeded.

Merging of Call Records in the Call Report

With our current IVR service, there are certain configurations that mean every call made will generate 2 call records in the Call Report. This occurs in instances with geographic routing. Our new Call Record Merging feature will combine multiple call records into one, for ease of reporting. Nothing will have to be done to activate this as it is an automated process

Token Instead of Password in New User Tool

Previously when setting up the New User Configuration tool, the person conducting the setting up process would set, and have knowledge of the new user’s password. Now a link will automatically be sent to the end user instead, enabling them to set their own password to further increase security.

October 2019

Clients’ Delacon Account will be temporarily locked for 30 minutes if a user (master/user/agency/company) types the wrong passwords in 5 consecutive times. Once the user does successfully log in, their failed attempt will be reset to 0. This is another feature important in PCI compliance.

September 2019

The following enhancements have been made to Delacon’s webhook application.

  • Increased the timeout threshold to 30 seconds (previously 3 seconds) to allow more time for a response from the client side endpoint.
  • A change of the webhook application from single threaded to multi threaded, which increases throughput and handles multiple concurrent requests more effectively.
  • Post call updates (push 2/”update”) will always be sent out if the customer side endpoint responds with a 200/204 message, even if the response does not follow the recommended specifications.
  • Other internal optimisations to improve application stability.
May 2019

Alignment of DTMF structure for Delacon IVRs and captured third party IVRs.

Re-push of data to BigQuery the following day to include additional data from integrations.

Upgraded email template from plain text to HTML, allowing images and improved functionality.

Enhancements to tracking code algorithm to improve tracking accuracy.

Enhanced monitoring of webhook API infrastructure, bettering reliability.

Improvements to call recording file system, to improve handling of short duration recordings.

Improvement of portal UI, integrations screen layout covers multiple integration partners enhancing user experience.

Improvement of portal UI, call log report is now mobile responsive improving readability on mobile devices.

Database enhancement, addition of table to record URLs where tracking code has run previously which can be used for site analysis.

You can now define the Source and Medium with Delacon’s Google Analytics integration for offline calls.

October 2018

SMS Message field added to new portal.

Tealium integration completed.

Updates made to Acquisio integration to improve mapping.

Call Categorisation Report for Speech Analytics added.

August 2018

Post Call Survey Trigger Button – Allows the operator to trigger the post call survey by pressing a pre-defined button on the phone keypad.

Incoming & Outgoing Call Volume Configuration – Allows configuration of the volume of incoming and outgoing calls directly in the Delacon portal

Updated Partnerize Integration – Improved integration for increased reliability

Paypal Upgrades – Upgrades to latest version of PayPal for improved billing

Speech Analytics API – Developed APIs for Speech Analytics Transcript and Call Keywords and Categories

July 2018

Caller Intent Report – Allows customers to see the intent of callers based on their IVR selections as a separate report in the Delacon portal

June 2018

Missed Call Notification Emails Only – Allows customers to configure in the Delacon portal email notifications to be sent for missed calls only.

Play and Pause Call Recording – Allows customers to configure in the Delacon portal that they can pause and play call recordings.

April 2018

MatchCraft integration completed. Allows for Delacon call tracking data to be pushed into the MatchCraft platform.

March 2018

Online Email Configuration Portal completed. This will allow customers to edit their call/missed call email settings from the Delacon portal.

Round Robin Calling feature completed. Allows a call to be transferred to another number if the primary number does not answer. The call can then be transferred on until it is answered.

February 2018

Optimizely X Integration completed. Allows Delacon call tracking data to be pushed into Optimizely’s latest platform – Optimizely X. Customers can now use call data alongside web data to A/B test web pages and for personalisation.

Adobe Analytics integration completed. Allows Delacon call tracking data to be pushed into the Adobe Analytics Platform. Customers can now see call data alongside web data in the platform.

Call Blocking feature developed and releases. Allows customers to specify numbers they want blocked from calling them. This can now be configured directly in the Delacon Portal.

January 20 2015

Online auto-provisioning made available to existing customers. Customers will now be able to add additional call tracking numbers to an existing campaign/business unit or to new campaign/business units.

November 1 2014

Website sessions additional report

  • Identify website sessions each hour
  • Identify maximum and minimum website session duration
October 20 2014

Google Analytics Integration page update

  • Track custom dimensions and metrics
August 6 2014

Integration with Optimizely

  • Dedicated integration page to activate Optimizely and call tracking
May 26 2014

Customisable IVR solution

  • Select and modify IVR structure
  • Select and modify call termination point
  • Select and modify transfer message
  • Select and modify email address for notification email
  • Upload welcome message
  • Upload IVR prompts messages
  • Upload music on hold music
  • Upload whisper message
May 19 2014

Integration with Salesforce

  • Dedicated integration page to activate Salesforce and call tracking
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