In this so called “digital age” everyone has multiple devices, content is streamed directly into our homes and everything has gone online.

With the coming of this new exciting time, the importance of phone calls could have easily become diminished. However with over U$1 trillion in global commerce influenced by mobile calls alone, and with over 75% of customer interactions being phone calls, the phone call is still as important and relevant to businesses as ever.

In fact, 65% of businesses consider phone calls their highest quality lead source!

If the phone call plays an important role in your business, particularly in the path to purchase, it is vital you know what happens during these calls and can carefully monitor calls for quality control.

Unfortunately listening to every phone call is impossible and inefficient, especially when hundreds or thousands of calls are received each day.

This is where Speech Analytics becomes so important. With the ability to effectively ‘listen’ to every call and transcribe it, this innovation can provide detailed analysis on conversations- allowing for much better call analysis to take place.

What is Speech Analytics?

Speech Analytics is the ability of an artificial intelligence engine to transcribe and analyse your calls, allowing you to effectively ‘listen’ to every phone call your business receives. It can help determine what happens once a potential customer has moved from the online to the offline space by transcribing and analysing the conversation.

Delacon’s Speech Analytics automatically transcribes calls and applies text mining techniques to extract important information and help you identify good leads while serving targeted ad content to the caller.

Speech Analytics


Our Speech Analytics Module (SAM) offers a call analysis feature which can analyse a call transcript for frequent keywords and place calls in various pre-determined categories.

Catergorize Call

Speech Analytics Module assigns each call into categories such as sales, support, booking, complaint, new or existing customer and more. This allows for seamless monitoring of the types of calls that are coming in.

Catergorize Call

Keywords Spotting and Analysis

Advertisers and agencies have until now, not been able to analyse what’s being said in each call. Speech Analytics transcribed each call received and is able identify specific keywords and phrases that will result in better quality control, transparency and a generally more satisfying customer experience.


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